KIDS Class - For ages 5-12

Friday June 5, 12, 19 —  4:30 – 5:30 ONLINE!

$18 per class 10% prepay discount or 10% sibling discount.

Join the fun in this class specifically designed for kids! Each session will encompass a blend of physical postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques along with story telling and creative play. Yoga is a wonderful way for children to develop strong and healthy bodies – and much more. It has proven to be effective in helping children develop as balanced and well-rounded individuals.

• Develop discipline

• Strengthen self-confidence

• Improve social interactions

• Increase focus and concentration

• Improve coordination, balance, motor skills

• Increase strength and flexibility

• Cultivate the ability to relax


Thank you for your participation and enthusiasm!                                               for Gretchen



Of all the camps my daughter could go to … this was the only one she wanted to attend!

—happy camper’s Mom 2012 and 2013








for Polly

 Even though camp was only 3 days … my granddaughter wondered why we didn’t sign her up for all 5!

—happy camper’s Grandma 2013









awareness hike camp 2103 small

 This is a great opportunity for kids to experience yoga in a fun way!”

—happy camper and Jr. Counselor 2012-2013








This is a summer yoga adventure not to be missed!

• hiking • water play • craft-making • games • music • and more 

—all centered around yoga practices!

Campers will experience • postures • relaxation • breathing to maintain balance throughout.


While the content of the camp is in perfect alignment with what is taught in our ongoing classes, the way in which it is communicated and the experience delivered is unique to the audience—the child within us all.


We purposefully keep our camp to a small number of participants so as to maintain individual attention, time and space for everyone to fully participate. So register early! Call 845-227-3223, or email