Yama and Niyama Study

This past week you may have heard us revisiting the yamas and niyamas, or disciplines and observances, as the foundation of a healthy yoga practice. We are inviting all you creative students, or members of your family, to create an artistic expression of any single principle in whatever way you feel inspired. Some of you are painters, potters, needle-workers, photographers and scrap-bookers, so see what comes to you! This is a good way to study these significant practices, their meaning and application.

Please email us to indicate your first and second choices for words.

Words will be assigned in the order requests come in.

Please respond no later than February 1st with your selections.

The size should not exceed 11” x 14”.

Be sure to include the English and Sanskrit words in your artwork.


At the beginning of March we’ll hang them in the teaching space for everyone to enjoy.


The 5 basic Yama disciplines:

Nonharming — Ahinsa

Truth — Satya

Nonstealing — Asteya

Nonattachment — Aparigraha

Energy Management — Brahmacharya


The 5 basic Niyama observances:

Purity — Shaucha

Bliss — Santosha

Conditioning — Tapas

Self-study — Swadhyaya

Surrender to Divinity — Ishwar Pranidhana


All of these principles are inspiring, but see if you can really dive deeply into a single concept. It’s said that if you can grasp the flower of one single principle you will lift the entire garland! We are looking forward to seeing how such a creative expression from study may come to life for you and your family!

Wishing you an enriching winter study experience!