• Introductory Workshops
    For the month of August Introductory Workshops will be scheduled on an individual basis. Please call us to arrange for your first class.
  • Pre-registration requested no later than the day prior to the workshop. This class provides you with an understanding of the what, how, and why of yoga at Yoga Way. We lay a foundation of understanding then guide you through a direct experience. The workshop includes discussion, evaluation of your personal needs, postures, breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Prenatal Yoga
    Fridays 6:00 – 7:00pm
    August  8, 15
    September 12, 19
    October 3, 10, 17, 24
    November 7, 14, 21
    • learn postures to assist you in opening the body for delivery
    • practice postures and movement to strengthen the lower body
    • utilize breath to maintain your center of focus throughout your pregnancy and in your birthing space
    • establish clear connection to, and communication with, the body to relieve stress
    • enjoy relaxation techniques for you and your baby to restore and rebalance the energies of your body
  • Toddler-Preschool Yoga
  • As baby’s mobility increases, this Toddler-Preschool Yoga session includes their physical explorations. Walking babies become more confident as they practice yoga both in and out of class. We’ll practice yoga postures with early walkers through age 5. Please contact us for information on upcoming classes.
  • Baby Yoga
  • Parents and caregivers can enjoy some quality contact time with baby. Learn some postures and movements that will enrich your everyday activities with your baby and spice up your baby playtime. We will also explore a few gentle movements to help release the tension from daily babyholding. This class includes those who are beginning to practice crawl but who are not yet mobile.
    Pre-registration required for weekend workshops by Thursday prior to each class date.
    Please contact us for information on upcoming classes
  • Kids Ages 5-11
    December 13, Family Class–Friday 4:30-5:30pm
    Single class $16.50
    Please contact us for upcoming Autumn class times.
    Discounts are available for multi-class passes.
    25% discount for sibling. (Only one discount applies. No transfers or refunds.)Join the fun in this class specifically designed for kids! Each session will encompass a blend of physical postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques along with story telling and creative play. Yoga is a wonderful way for children to develop strong and healthy bodies – and much more. It has proven to be effective in helping children develop as balanced and well-rounded individuals. Develop: discipline – self-confidence – social interaction – focus and concentration – coordination and balance – strength and flexibility – motor skills – ability to relaxCall 227-3223 or email us at for more details!
  • Teen Workshop
    for Ages 11-16Check back with us for upcoming dates and times.
    Teens are welcome to join in this fun and supportive workshop for a “practical application of classical yoga.”
    classes help with:
    • reducing the stresses of a demanding schedule
    • encouraging positive social interactions
    • fostering good decision-making skills
    • complementing sports activities
    • reducing the drama in your life!

    All this in addition to the well-known benefits of physical and mental well-being.

    In our non-competitive environment teens will learn the techniques that can be used in a variety of situations. We will explore breathing practices to calm and focus, physical postures to release tensions held in the body, and participate in partner and group poses to encourage cooperation and teamwork, and finally, experience a guided meditation for deep relaxation.

  • Meditation Class
  • Please check back for upcoming dates and times.
  • In this experiential class we will explore the purpose and practice of meditation. With the understanding of “why” in place we’ll begin to investigate the “how” through various methods and techniques of entering into the meditative state. We’ll create the internal environment required to bring the mind to stillness and cultivate the abilities to focus and concentrate. In this way we may begin to entrain the mind.No previous experience necessary.Dress comfortably and come prepared to relax. You may wish to bring a cushion, blanket, journal and something to write with.
  • Benefits of Meditation:
    • Reduce stress
    • Restore energy levels
    • Rejuvenate the body
    • Calm the mind
    • Increase productivity
    • Induce deep relaxation
    • Refocus energies
    • Increase clarity
    • Shift attitudes
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Relieve insomnia
    • Boost self esteem
    • Connect to the soul’s voice