Who We Are

Now in our eighteenth year, Yoga Way is the longest-standing, continuously operational yoga center in Dutchess County. Our programs coupled with our commitment reach students and their families in every stage of life. We do not seek to be the biggest yoga studio, nor the trendiest. In fact, we strive not to be trendy but respect integrity and stability over fashionability and aim high for clarity and quality.

More generally speaking, Yoga Way is a path, a direction, a point of entry. It is a method of doing something or characteristic behavior. The Yoga Way Center is based on the classical teachings of yoga which point the way to live in alignment with right conduct, in joy, with success in our endeavors, always moving toward the Ultimateā€”freedom. Having someone to light that way is our greatest gift.

Yoga Way is extremely fortunate to have the love, support, and guidance of our beloved teacher Swami Shri Ashutosh Muni, whom we endearingly callĀ Bapuji. It is because of His presence in our lives that we apply ourselves with so much dedication and certainty. We remain in humble gratitude for Bapuji’s willingness to bring the tenets of Sanatana Dharma and Lakulish Yoga to life for us. And as we continue to learn, share, love, and serve, we do evolve on this path.